Dear Sir,
I understand 80% of hotels are refusing to hand over the Tourist Tax until there is a court ruling and if the ruling goes their way I believe the rest will demand a refund?

I assume the hotels will then refund their customers/guests who's money it was in the first place?
Or are the hotels going to keep it for them selves?
Every year I bring my family to Majorca to get away from the UK - especially TAX! What will it be next year....Sunshine Tax? I'm sorry to say that next year we may not be coming to your beautiful island, we may just stop in the UK as it's less taxing!

Andrew Appleton. Lancashire. England

Editor's note:
The vast majority of hotels, especially the 80% are providing clients with discount vouchers to spend in the hotel, therefore reimbursing guests paying the tax while others are not charging their clients and paying the tax themselves.

Annoying antics

Dear Sir,
I have just returned from Majorca after a week's holiday and had a lovely time.
As a regular visitor over the years, I find it a lovely island but there is one feature which is very annoying and that is being constantly approached by “lucky lucky” men and other sellers trying to offer jewellery and other items when we are seated at an outside cafe or restaurant or even when enjoying a quiet stroll.

This has even occurred several times in a single evening and can ruin an enjoyable evening. I think that the authorities should eliminate such activities since many holidaymakers find it offensive and intrusive.

If we wanted to purchase such items we would go to a street stall or shop.

S. Smith. By e-mail

Has Majorca gone bonkers?

Dear Sir, A shopkeeper on the Avenida Jaime I in Santa Ponsa, has this week received a 'multa' for using the tree outside his shop to support his bicycle i.e. he parked his mountain bike against it! What next?

Ian Morrison. Santa Ponça

Vicar and yoga

Dear Editor,
The Daily Bulletin reported last Wednesday, that a Wiltshire vicar has banned yoga classes in his church hall. The vicar is quite correct in saying many people believe Yoga is simply about physical exercise, and that this is a mistaken view. He is right in knowing that there is much more beyond the physical; it is unfortunate that he has no understanding of the great depths of the spiritual knowledge which can result from the serious body, mind and spirit, and is entirely in accordance with Christianity. I wish the vicar would study the subject more deeply. I have lived in Majorca for 19 years, during which I have taught and practised Yoga.

Karin Giri. Mancor.

Mallorca, you are no longer cheap

Dear Sir,
I have just returned from my annual holiday in Majorca. My family enjoyed this year as much as all the previous trips. We have enjoyed many trips over the last 25 years.

It was interesting to read various comments on a similar topic in the Bulletin whilst on holiday.

Beach concessionaires not paying the council dues for a part of the season. They were blaming the council for not repairing the storm damage caused earlier in the year for their lack of customers.

Bar owners complaining of lack of customers and unfair competition from big clubs offering customers incentives to enter the clubs.

Hotels reporting lower bookings during the summer season and poor advance bookings for the late season.

These comments in the paper all blamed different aspects for the lack of business during this year. After my stay I concluded they were all linked and had a common cause. “Majorca you have wonderful natural facilities but you are over doing prices.” In recent years you have been getting expensive but this year with your Eco tax, constant price increases and local businesses “Euro rounding up” you are no longer good value.


1. The cost of sun beds and shade for a beach holiday for a family for 14 days. Facilities have not improved sufficiently to justify this charge.

2. ECO tax payable on arrival

3. Small bars charging nearly as much for drinks as the big hotels offering expensive quality entertainment – you even get soap in the loos of the big hotels.

4. Where else today do the council licence taxis without installing meters. Look at the Mercedes fleet in Pollensa and compare their prices with other European locations. Whatever natural facilities and beauty you have to offer travellers still expect value.

If they do not get it in Majorca they like me will easily search elswhere.

Alan Jennison. Norwich