Curious mix of people at the wedding of Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar's daughter on Thursday night. Guest number 1. Prime Minister Tony Blair who has no real relationship with the bride and groom. Then there is the ever tricky issue of Gibraltar. Blair's presence is interesting underlining the fact that the special relationship between Britain and Spain will not crumble as a result of a tiny rock at the tip of the country. It also has to be pointed that Blair and Aznar don't share the same politics with Aznar being a right wing politician of the Margaret Thatcher fold. Blair and Cherie were indeed the guests that caught everyone's attention. Italian leader Berlusconi was also present but he is a personal friend of the groom and shares the same politics as Aznar. The second guest who caught my attention was good old Rupert Murdoch. I was not aware that he had any real relationship with the Aznar family and his business interests in Spain are meagre compared to what he owns in other parts of the world. Perhaps, if you are a leading politician you have to invite Rupert Murdoch, but I am still curious to know what the exent of the friendship is. The Spanish media has said that the wedding was like a state occasion. It must be said that there wasn't a shortage of VIPs. It was certainly a wedding to remember. Jose Maria Aznar certainly has British friends, which are always a useful asset. A media mogul is also handy as well. I just hope that the best man left out any jokes about Gibraltar and the power of the media.

Jason Moore