Dear Sir,
We recently spent a pleasant two weeks on Majorca. We noticed that there was currently an aim to raise the profile of Majorca abroad to encourage more visitors. Bearing this in mind, one area which could be improved is the handling of postcards by the postal services.

Like many, we sent about a dozen postcards during our stay to various relatives and friends. The minimum time it has taken for these to arrive has been 15 days from the date of posting. If we had known this, there is no way we would have wasted our money buying and sending these cards – since obviously not one of them arrived before we returned, despite having sent the first ones almost as soon as we arrived. Since Majorca has countless international flights a day, there is no excuse for this delay. We can only think that the post office must stockpile them and send them in batches on an infrequent (fortnightly it would seem!) basis. We would be interested to know if there is an explanation for this.

C.Andrew. UK

Minorca delight

Dear Sir,
I returned from a very pleasant week with my family on the island of Minorca on Saturday past. A number of things came to my attention, some of which you may wish to publish?

As this was our first trip to the island after over 20 visits to Majorca, we found Minorca very pleasant. Prices, like Majorca have risen dramatically (as I suspect has happened across Spain). Staying in Cala N Porter (A very 'anglicised' resort) we found that a few of the busiest restaurants have returned to a variation on the traditional 'menu del dia' method, offering a choice of between 6 – 10 starters, 15 main courses and 10 desserts with coffee, wine/water etc included. Generally these consisted of mostly international favourites favoured by the tourists sprinkled with local dishes such as Calamar a la plancha, P'amb Oli and Roast Suckling Pig. These deals retailed around 13 Euros per adult, making for a reasonably priced, good (and in one restaurant in particular, excellent) standards of food. The restaurants that offered this deal, carried A La Carte Menus for those who wished for something different and generally were full every night, whilst other places sat almost empty.

Normally we visit either the Ports of Soller or Pollensa every year. Could I suggest that some of the more entrepreneurial restaurateurs of Majorca reintroduce this system, as I suspect it will attract locals and tourists alike?

Mark Strachan Livingston. Scotland.