Dear Sir,
Those of us who have been enthusiastic in our support of Majorca as a holiday destination have witnessed a gradual and worrying change in the attitude of islanders over the last few years. No longer do we visitor feel as welcome as we did -service is more surly, we are blamed for traffic problems, rising crime, rubbish and water shortages. Higher prices are slapped onto many goods and services as we are seen as a soft touch. A Tourist Tas (whatever its merits or demerits) gave a high-profile message that visitors must be taxed just for being here, whereas any sensible government would make sure that enough taxes to do the job would already be collected from our core activity, ie, spending our money on food, drink and amenities in the resorts. Now we have politicians giving a message about immigration that seems to suggest that visitors who love the island so much that they eventually come here to live, bringing their money and affections, are actually not welcome. I know I've said this before in a previous letter, but it is relevant to repeat it: this island won't stay economically viable by selling a few potatoes from Sa Pobla.

The wealth and fabric and income of Majorca comes from tourism and from those who choose to re-locate here and pay local taxes, and if this is not recognised and catered for, then eventually there will be an unstoppable decline. So far the indiginous culture and language has stayed strong, largely bouyed by the economics of tourism -but if current anti-tourist feeling continues, then the future is bleak for all of us. Now is the time for a determined campaign to reverse the decline.

Steve Riches. Northampton.