Dear Sir,
Over two years ago, as we were without a landline and wanted to connect to the Internet, we approached Telefonica to have one installed. We were told that as we were off the road we would have to pay for the installation! We had to organise and pay for the trenching to the nearest telephone pole, a distance of about 250 metres. We also had to supply and lay the tubing to accommodate the phone cables.

The cost of hiring the machinery and supplying the labour and materials was about 1500 euros. We wanted the line and even though we thought Telefonica should have provided it, as they would be the long time beneficiaries, we went ahead.

We had two telephones installed, one for the Internet, faxes and outgoing calls and the other for incoming calls. Since then we have paid over 2000 in call charges on one of the phones and have not received one single bill. We strongly disputed the amounts we were being charged, especially as they were for the phone that we use for incoming calls! Also the fact that a lot of the charges were for calls we have supposed to have made when we were not even living on the island! I have telephoned 1004 between twenty and thirty times during the past two years asking for the bills and finally received one bill two weeks ago for 39.11 euros! Each time I phone I speak to a different person and that all tell me that same thing, “a copy of the bills will be sent to you within fifteen days.”

As my calls to Telefonica have proved fruitless I decided to write them a letter demanding the rest of the bills, but have just been informed by one of their operators that they do not have an office!! I insisted that there must be an office from where all the bills are sent, but she said no. I said what was the address of the office from where she was speaking from, and she said she was not speaking from an office!

So I ask WHERE ARE THE OFFICES FOR TELEFONICA? Their address does not appear on the bills nor in the phone book, so does anybody know where they operate from? I know they have closed their offices in Majorca, with no thought for any of their customers, but surely they have not closed every one of their offices in Spain. Have you heard of a better case against monopolies?
Yours sincerely

A.J. Higgins. Pollença