Sticky wicket

Dear Sir,
I attended the Mallorca Cricket Club's fireworks on 5 November. I am amazed at the letters in the paper criticising the evening.
My understanding from the Cricket Club is that there were not 1'000 people--it was actually just under 700 who paid 5 euros per head. That included both entry and a fairly liberal helping of mulled wine for the adults and, of course, all the children entered for free.

I had nothing whatsoever to do with the organisation of the evening but my overwhelming impression from everybody who I spoke to, both adult and, more importantly the children, was that the evening was a great success and everybody enjoyed themselves. Clearly my impression was wrong to the extent of at least three people, but I think you would find if you took a poll of people's views of the evening, the vast majority would say that they thoroughly enjoyed it.

In addition to that, one should also point out that the drinks at the Cricket Club are extremely reasonably priced and the same applied to the food provided.

Clearly a number of people worked extremely hard to make the evening a success and I for one would like to counter the letters that have been sent to you. I would like to thank the Cricket Club and those who worked so hard to make it such a super evening.

It merely goes to prove, I suppose, that you cannot please everybody.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Pollett. Santa Ponça


Dear Sir,
I would just like to thank and say how proud I am of the Anglican Church in Palma. The Remembrance Service on Sunday would have moved the most ardent of atheists. The ladies choir sang beautifully, the solitary bugletearful, the soloist-thoughtful, not forgetting the well written and inspiring words of the Rev. Robert Ellis. Seeing the different generations and denominations under one roof is a success in itself. It is important not to forget what happened, but may the future not need an extra day of Remembrance.

Izzy Newman. Santa Ponça

Golden Goose Award

Dear Sir,
I think that the main thing that the “Golden Globe” award being presented to the Balearic tourist ministry indicates is that the presenters, The British Guild of Travel Writers, are about as savvy and objective as their colleagues who write in the financial pages; a recent survey showing that if (over the last 12 months or so) investors had either done nothing, or the exact opposite of what was being recommended, they would be better off today.

Surely this award should henceforth be dubbed the “Golden Goose Award”?

John Rule. Sol de Mallorca