Dear Sir,
Sadly MP Antoni Dieguez is wrong (MDB November 21) in stating that not even PM Ariel Sharon would not sanction action such as that which the Palma police are accused. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are under punitive curfews far worse than anything ever attempted by the Nazis in occupied Europe. They are allowed out of their houses only a few hours each week. This has been in place in many areas for months.

Many devote Catholics, other Christians and Muslims in the Holy Land would welcome being harried by the police if only they would be allowed to worship.

In Israel religious observances are not permitted. Nor are children permitted to go to school, or ambulances, to hospitals if the sick are not Jews.

Without making any judgment on the incident in Palma it is possible to say that to compare it to the genocidal horrors of Palestinian life under Ariel Sharon, a serial mass murderer, is unwarranted hyperbole.

Felipe Bover. Santa Fe. NM USA