Dear Sir,
In citing the analogy of missing an aircraft, Nick Blustin (who would obviously make a good paid apologist for the tour company - if he is not already) misses two important differences. Firstly the passengers at an airport would have a ticket/boarding card with the important time printed on it, secondly they are very unlikely to come to serious harm (or die) as a result of missing an aircraft. Even out of season the airport has people, coffee shops, restaurants, seats, buses, taxis etc but our trek did not. Perhaps if he were to leave the smug comfort of his armchair and attempt even part of the walk his self righteous view would change. He is curiously keen to deflect any responsibility for the safe conduct of passangers away from the coach company to its customers. Whilst my talents are many, intimate knowledge of the geography and economy of a remote location that I had not previously visited is not amongst them, so could not have been more prepared.

What he or anyone else has not addressed is the total lack of a procedure to be invoked in the event of a real emergency. Supposed I'd collapsed. Imagine the headline: “Missing Tourist on coach trip dies - no-one knew. It could happen again no-one gives a damn”.

That's what it amounts to doesn't it?

David Fionda