I have read that the volunteers who flocked to Galicia last week end to help with the cleaning up process of the oil on the rocks, have now returned, probably all feeling satisfied that they have fulfilled their duty, giving up their long weekend in the aid of ecology. I fear that one could really only call it just a drop in the ocean since there are reports that what has been washed up so far is only a small part of what is still to come.

I remember being a Brownie and a Guide, and we had to swear to do our duty to God and the King, later Queen. I believe that nowadays this is quite difficult thing to swear considering that there are so many different official religions in the U.K. and a changing attitude towards the Royal Family.

At present in the Balearics they are debating whether the members of the Balearic Government are obliged to swear their duty to the Spanish King. This is more a reflection on the wish to become an independent state, heavens above what ever next?, than a lack of royal fervour on the part of the Spanish. King Juan Carlos and his family have a fair amount of respect, although the Balearics is not famous for its grand love of the monarchy, which is down right disgusting if you consider all the free advertising and good will they get by having the Spanish Royal Family holidaying on the island every summer. If anyone fulfills with their duty, I think that it is King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia and their family.

Are the autonomous governments and main state government doing their duty to the country? It is amazing how an unexpected catastrophe can bring about the downfall of a government due to its lack of reaction.

Who would have thought that an oil tanker, could have brought about so much agro for the Spanish Government, and on the rebound, also for the Partido Popular in the Balearics since the Spanish Minister of Environment is Jaume Matas, the leader of the party in this province and the one who has been pointed out as the next candidate for the President of the Balearics again. I very much doubt that the problems with the giant oil slick is doing much to keep Sr. Matas's copy book clean... far from it. And since the candidate for the P.P. in Palma is going to be a woman, Catalina Cirer, who is very popular amongst many people particularly since she has been the official Delegate for the Spanish State, I think that now there is probably even more possibility that Jaume Matas will be passed over in favour of another popular lady .....

Rosa Estaras.
She has been a councillor for Valldemossa, a member of the Balearic government, second to President Cañellas in his day, who was said to be grooming her to take over from him on his retirement. Unfortunately that retirement became a compulsory resignation and all plans for Sra. Estarás went by the wayside.

However, as she is a young woman who deserves it (like the well known beauty product advert) she was elected as national M.P. and would be an ideal choice for the Partido Popular to choose. Estarás and Cirer would make a good tandem in the campaign.

And rather like the question, as what would have happened if there had been Three Wise Women instead of Three Wise Men from the Orient .... they would have arrived on time, they would have cleaned the stable, they would have brought a hot stew and would have given more practical gifts! Well maybe the women would do a better job of doing their duty to the country and province, with a good clean up.