The stupidity of the Spanish election system will be clearly illustrated this coming June as it is more than likely that the local government will be formed by a coalition and probably the city council, also. There are many critics of Britain's first past the post system but at least it means that the need for coalitions is not as great as it is here. Opinion polls already say that eventhough the Partido Popular, (conservatives) will win the elections in June, probably by a landslide, they will not be elected into office because they will still be a few votes short of a majority. Opinion polls suggest that the same could happen in Palma. If the British election system existed in the Balearics the Partido Popular would be firmly established and have a massive majority. But things don't work like that in Spain. So from about now to June we are going to have plenty of political jockeying and infighting. There is a chance that the present five party coalition will be returned to power because the combination of all their votes will be enough to beat the Partido Popular.

I would not say that the coalition government which has ruled the Balearics for the last three years has been a success.
The five parties are so different and with differing views, gaining a consensus is very difficult. This is one of the reasons why legislation takes so long. It also adds to plenty of uncertainty. Perhaps the only way forward, with the present election system, is to include all parties because that way at least views of all voters will be represented.

Jason Moore