It's a sad reflection on modern times in Majorca when the Church has to plan greater security measures in an effort to avert further breakages and robberies of important artifacts. Just last week a centuries old statue of Christ was smashed by a vagrant in an act of vandalism which has shocked the island. Unfortunately, churches will now have to be locked or private security guards employed to make sure that they are secure. What next a toll system for worshippers? This sad state of affairs will mean that churches will be locked out of the community at a time when they are probably needed more than ever. There is no real solution to this problem. The vandals will win the day and as usual it will be the majority that suffer. The Church in Majorca remains strong but it will have to be stronger than ever to overcome the breakage of the statue of La Sang which is the focal point of the Easter day parades.

THE Bishop of Majorca is in the process of reviewing security and has said that in the New Year he will be making a decision. Like other cities across Spain crime is continuing to rise and the need for more policing is evident not just to protect the public but public buildings also. As far as I am concerned vandalism is a crime on the same level as theft because at the end of the day everybody is being robbed of something by these mindless individuals.

Jason Moore