By Jason Moore

ABOUT two weeks ago I wrote in this space about dirty Palma but my horizons have now been broadened to embrace much of Majorca. It appears that it is not just our capital city which is in need of some care and attention but much of the island. Last week I was chatting to a prominent British restaurant owner who claimed that he is sick of having to clean the street in front of his business every morning. He goes further. He even has to clean the single rubbish bin which has been placed in a street full of restaurants. He says that there are also no facilities to cope with cooking oil. Meanwhile in Calvia, Peter Stringfellow, has added his name to the drive against graffiti which he says is damaging the area. Puerto Pollensa is also badly in need of some care and attention according to a gentleman who sent a letter to the editor last week. So just what is going on? I can only limit my observations to the Palma area. And I will repeat what I said two weeks ago, there is not much to be proud of in our capital city at the moment. The council only appears to be worried about the two show streets in the city centre. Nothing more. Palma is a beautiful city but it would look so much better if the council recruited more street cleaners or made better use of the ones they've already got. Despite allegedly tough legislation, some dog owners are still not getting the message. With Spring just around the corner I call on the city council to indulge in what is very traditional in this season, some Spring cleaning. In just 90 days time the tourist season will be on us again. So please Mayor Cirer and the other island council leaders clean up our city, towns and village. Majorca's beauty is being blighted by rubbish and a lack of care. It is only a small problem but it is causing a mountain of concern.