IF Real Madrid come calling, Sven should seriously consider their offer as a move to Spain could get him, the FA and England out of a hole, but I don't think he'll go, simply because he's being paid such a vast amount of money as the England coach.

But with Gerrard now out for two months and Beckham still playing poorly, I can see us (England) losing to Wales and left with a real mad struggle to qualify for the World Cup, instead of cruising through to the finals which is what England should be doing.

OK, should that happen then the questions which should have been asked already about Sven and his set up, will start being asked, but the answers might come too late.

If he went to Madrid, I don't think too many fans will miss him and, while the FA will have to cut some kind of compensation deal, it will be far less than the pay out for sacking him.

If Sven wants a return to back-to-back football, Madrid would be a wonderful opportunity. I'd certainly do it.
The FA's mad rush to knuckle Sven down when they thought Chelsea were about to pounce for the Swede has turned round to bite them. They rushed through the new, lucrative deal for Sven only to find Chelsea didn't come calling. But he's living on borrowed time as it is and I think, if made an offer from Madrid, he would be very wise to consider it.

But it's not only at the FA where patience is running out in English football but, as we saw over the summer, also at some of the Premier League's top clubs.

Of the top five finishers, three sacked their managers as the frustration of another trophy-less season sunk in, not only in the boardrooms but also on the terraces.

I was sad to see Sir Bobby go at Newcastle, we all were and I think Freddy Shepherd would have done better to have got rid of Bobby over the summer but was too concerned about public opinion and the great love for the man in football.

Freddy didn't want to be seen as the one who shot Bambi! Had he done so, Graeme Souness would probably still be at Blackburn.
Nevertheless, I think Graeme's going to do a great job, I'm very pleased for him.
He's not the monster he's been portrayed to be in the press - he's a very talented and cunning manager who will certainly get the players playing, already has done, while those who don't want to play will find themselves out on their ears pretty quick.

I like Mourinho, he arrived at Chelsea making it quite clear right from the start what his plans and intentions are and wasn't talking about some five year plan, he was talking this season.

I don't know about Drogda, the ball keeps bouncing off him. He had a great Champions League last season, sensational, but he's got to start doing the business week-in, week-out. But they're going to be up there.

Liverpool, however, may find they are in for the long haul.
I didn't see anything positive come out of Monday night's game against United, on either side really, and Benitez and his imports may be finding the Premier League, which I still maintain is the best in the world, a bit too much of a culture shock and it's going to take them time to adjust.

Three of his Spanish players got booked in the game and losing Gerrard is going to be a big blow.
I feel sorry for the fans, but I think it's going to be yet another three years before they can seriously think about winning any trophies, I don't see them making a serious challenge this season.

The game against United was their first real test of the season and none of the new players passed. I know Benitez came from Spain with a good track record, but things are played slightly differently in Spain, as he's starting to find out...and I always say the same thing, finishing first is what winning's about, second, third or fourth, may be a Champions League qualifying place, but there's no silver wear with that.

I was not that impressed with Man United's performance, two goals from two set pieces doesn't say much.
They'll be glad to see Rio back and desperate to start playing Rooney, but they're some way off the pace and some people are already claiming they've lost it.

I think Mourinho's probably more realistic when he says United could lose the title race by Christmas.
Arsenal are still the benchmark.
They picked up where they left off at the start of the season and are continuing to take football to another level.
Wenger's brought in some absolutely superb young players, especially Clichy and Fabregas, who's wonderful to watch and one of the sensations of the season already and then there's Reyes.

As things stand right now, the battle is back on for second, third and fourth, Arsenal are simply untouchable at the moment.
It's Wenger's young revelations who are going to be the key to success, something the likes of Boro, who have opted for age and experience, are going to pay dearly for, they're not going to last the distance, neither will Palace nor West Brom, I think they'll go straight back down.

Norwich, the other new boys, they've got enough to hold out. I've been impressed with the way they're playing.
Chartlon I reckon will do ok. They've replaced the old faces with some new ones, but no spectacular and perhaps decisive signings there.
I'm delighted for Sam at Bolton, he's put a potent squad together there and I wouldn't be surprised if they sneak a UEFA Cup spot.
I think Villa will enjoy a top six finish, David O'Leary's still got his purse strings tied, but he's doing well and reshaped the side nicely.
I can't see Keegan spending Christmas with Man City and I think this may be the end of his career in football, he'll start spending more attention on his horses from now on.

There could be trouble at Birmingham, they could bag that third relegation spot.
They've only managed one win out of the 14 games at the tail-end and start of this season - that's really poor and they've got to do something really fast.

I'm not too sure about Spurs - 14 players in and 12 out - there's been a lot of a change at the club and it may take a little longer for them all to gel.

They're playing football like they did under George Graham, I don't how the fans will take to that, they're another group of supporters itching for some silverwear.

But they could still be there at the end of the season battling for a UEFA Cup place.
I don't however foresee much change in the top four, I can see Vieira leading Arsenal all the way and he must be thanking his lucky stars looking at the mess in Madrid.

Beckham still seems to be on a road to his self-destruction.
There's still just enough time for him to turn things around at Madrid, but I don't think he realises just how poor his football is.
We said last season that his biggest misrake was ditching his PR company SFX and becoming surrounded by too much showbiz and not enough football and that's what has happened. He hasn't got anyone talking to him about football and telling him his form has dipped.

Perhaps they will try and offload him in January, but where's he going to go? None of England's top clubs will have him and, looking at his present form, I can see him ending at Bolton.

Owen, who we also said would go to Madrid, will come good, he's a goal scorer and always a player you would want in your squad, but he needs to play to shine, on his current form he wouldn't be England's first choice, and may need most of the season to settle in. Woodgate might also come a cropper like Becks, they took a gamble there. At Newcastle, he only played 32 out of 100-plus games, he's never fit. Perhaps, looking how the Premiership is shaping up this season, those serious about football may miss home, while the TV-ad star(s) may have to start thinking about where they're going next.