Dear Sir, Ref. Sunday's article by Humphrey Carter “Controversy over hotels being built in Alcudia” With my personal involvement in that area during the last 35 years (both in business and personal), there are some burning questions that I think an energetic reporter, with the “power/muscle” of the press, should ask the appropriate authorities, on a series of issues in that area; examples:
Q1) Over 25 years ago, the power station on the edge of the Port stopped operating when the the new power station at S'Albufera started to function. I recall reading at that time, GESA (the power Company) within a few years, planned to demolish it, in particular the eyesore of the two chimneys. To date nothing, and they remain (without operating all this time) in a prominent tourist area, has happened. Why?

Q2) Could those newly planned hotels have anything to do with the reported payment of dues by a late, prominent main developer in the area from his estate? That in fact these plots of land, to recoup any meaningful return would have to be sold on/ promoted as hotel sites, as opposed to remaining green zones?

NB: These plots, with permission for density construction, i.e. hotel or apartments might have been sold on for protected housing, would not have had such a high value, but would serve a desperate need for affordable accommodation for those who work in the area.

Q3) If there is a such continued demand for 4-5 star hotels in the area, then why was the previous permission given for such a hotel in conjunction with the 18 hole golf course at Alcanada subsequently cancelled? If ever there was a case to build an upmarket hotel in a particular area, it was on that golf course, the most five star operation in Alcudia, which would have an assured full occupancy in winter.

Q4) From the last November, all hotels (with the exception of one dedicated exclusively to its own tour operator long stay/retired clients) were closed. Alcudia has become (as every winter) a “ghost town”. Where is the encouragement to promote winter tourism in this area? There are quite a number of 4 and 5 star hotels in that area, with all the facilities i.e. heating, etc. Does it really make economic sense to close down on that capital investment for up to five months of the year?

When one reads on the one hand that disillusioned hoteliers are investing in medical clinics and vineyards, and the seemingly total inability of tourist authorities to tap/promote the facilities already in place in and around places like Alcudia (not to mention decreasing the long winter period of unemployed) what future is there for Majorca to “change gear”a in the very competitive world of tourism, to move forward?

So, Mr. Carter, here is something worthwhile: use ”“the power of the press”, to pin down the authorities, be they in the Town Hall or government, to get some real answers. Although having said this, I realise to get the answers may be as difficult as trying to straighten out a corkscrew! Worth trying though, for it is only if the questions are continually asked, pressure maintained, that will occur any change in the status quo.

Yours sincerely, Graham Phillips