Dear Sir,

l I'm afraid a lot of people are losing sight of the fact that only people aged 60 and over would have any first–hand memories of Nazi atrocities. Younger people would be far more likely to be influenced by the great success of the stage musical “The Producers” which is a sellout in London at present. I didn't see protesters outside the theatre and remember the writer of this musical was Jewish. Why, then, is it dreadful for Prince Harry to wear a uniform which was last worn “in anger” sixty years ago (nearly 40 years before he was born) when it is perfectly acceptable for people to flock to pay lots of money to see similarly–dressed people on the London stage?

I think the answer is the media having a hypocritical feeding frenzy.

Barry Emmott

Dear Sir,

l IF 60 percent of the young people in Britain don't know about the Holocaust the other 40% do.
One would expect that those young people fortunate enough to get their education in the kind of institutions that the Royal Court chooses for its Princes would belong to the better informed 40%. Young people's behavior reflects on their families and schools. Thoughtlessness is the charming standard of the 20 year olds and those responsible for their upbringing and education should understand that and take precautions.

Stupid behavior by normal young people is scandalous when performed by Princes and that lesson should have been learnt by now.
Teaching is repeating and experience should be fed back into the teaching with imagination.
Without imagination the pupils will never repeat an old mistake, they will always make new ones and so, obviously, will the teachers.

Yours sincerely
Wictor Forss
Sol de Mallorca

Dear Sir,

l The London press is having a fit and Ray Fleming is joining the pack. How awful that Prince Harry went to a shop with his brother Prince William and picked a costume of a W.W.II German soldier to dress up in. It is so insensitive of him. He does not understand.

The costume was readily available so it cannot be all that unusual. Surely he knows about the holocaust. Is there any other 60 year old story that is in the news as often. It has been crammed down his throat his entire life. The holocaust industry is everywhere. He knows about it as sure as he knows about PG Tips. Then why does he not treat it as the sacred fulcrum of history? Why is he not as horrified, or bullied, as Ray Fleming? First, because he is young. Youth never holds the past in much reverence. Hitler died before Prince Harry's dad was a gleam in Prince Philip's eye. It has been 60 years. He is 20. It is not important to him, nor should it be. Life is for the living. W.W.II is over.

But does the holocaust mean anything to the young? To Ray Fleming it is a crime, the greatest of his lifetime. But Harry's lifetime is still in its onset. What is the holocaust to him? The greatest racist crime of today is the ongoing genocide in Palestine. It is evil and it is in part justified by the holocaust, which is endlessly flogged by Zionists to deflect criticism of their wanton bloodshed and land theft. To the young the holocaust is not so much an evil as a shield and weapon of it.

Ray Fleming takes the holocaust very seriously. But in London The Producers features the song Springtime for Hitler. How very respectful. For over 60 years the entertainment industry has portrayed Nazis as comically absurd villains and fools.

Hollywood, where Jews are very prominent, Nazis are a staple, they are show business cartoons.
This is what Prince Harry has been taught. Don't blame him. Blame those who have trivialised the holocaust for money, one way or another. He accepts their product. To Mr. Fleming the holocaust is the deeds of the Second World War. To Prince Harry the holocaust is what its exploiters have made of it and off it. Youth, in its innocence and idealism sees through the cant of their elders. What is the holocaust today? It is a justification for terrorism against Christians and Muslims in Palestine. It is an excuse to force the Germans to build nuclear submarines for Israel. It is a meal ticket for show business hucksters of limited talent and imagination. The holocaust is a racket, Mr. Fleming, your generation made it one, a racket. Prince Harry should not respect it. Let him mock the mostly contrived chorus of dismay and outrage.

Ignore their cant, Harry, and party on. You're not going to be young a second time. Enjoy, and let the fogies, as ever, decry the callowness and callousness of youth.

Ralph McGaughey

Boston, MA