Why we shall never be returninG to Illetas on holiday

Dear Sir,

l My wife and I visit Illetas (Calvia) quite regularly – we were there 30th. Dec 04 to 6th. Jan 05. We will not be going to the area again until it is cleaned up – for a so-called 'posh' area of Majorca it is no more than a dog toilet. One can only walk a matter of say two meters before the next dog dump! Calvia council years ago were going to deal with the problem, it's worse now than ever before! We have read about dog poo in your excellent publication's commentaries several times over the years but nothing seems to have been done to make the dog owners compliant.

The issue of graffiti is also a growing concern but at least this is only costly to remove – I don't have to tread in it. Three or four cctv cameras strategically placed might be cost effective.

Yours sincerely, Graham Blinston
(Independent Adviser: Licensing Law – Hotels, Restaurants and Leisure Operations).

Drop in Easter holiday bookings

Dear Sir,

l I'm not surprised that the hoteliers are concerned about Easter Bookings. My wife and I were in Magaluf/Palma Nova at Christmas and It was like spending our time in a ghost town.

Now it wouldn't be something to do with the Euro would it? because since the Euro, prices have gone through the roof in the hotels and the shops, or is it me? I have heard people back home saying it's cheaper to spend a fortnight in the Bahamas than Majorca.

Yours Faithfully, John Gregory