Dear Editor

“I HAVE just read your article on holiday price inflation with interest, particularly the fact that Menorca is the dearest place in Spain to stay.
I love coming to the Balearics, and myself and my wife take at least one, sometimes two holidays there each year.
We took summer holidays on Menorca in 1995, 96, 97, 98, 99, 00, 01 and 03. We have just booked our summer holiday for 2005 on Menorca. Our summer holidays in 2002 and 2004 were taken on Mallorca as were our Easter breaks in 2000, 01 and 03.

It appears that I have just booked my last ever holiday on Menorca, an island I love. The reason is that I am sick of being ripped off and being taken advantage of.

I was always aware that Menorca was comparatively expensive, but it is now getting ridiculous. The Euro inflation in bar prices was an insult to the intelligence of tourists and as a result I simply stopped drinking in bars.

In 2003 I booked a car for the fortnight through our hotel in Cala Galdana and the hire charge was extortionate in comparison to hire charges for comparable vehicles at the airport: if only we'd known. The standard of the food at the hotel had also declined, but the price had not.

This year we have booked an apartment for two weeks. The price was not cheap, but affordable. I am incensed to discover that although the apartment is advertised with air conditioning there is a surcharge added to our rent for this facility.

As if this is not bad enough the size of the surcharge is enough to give the island a bad name on its own. For air conditioning we are epected to pay no less than 80 euros PER WEEK.

Next year I will be looking for an alternative destination.
Goodbye Menorca, it's been nice, but I've had enough.

Alan Gilbertson