By Jason Moore

THE other night I was involved in a debate on Ultima Hora Radio and the presenter suggested that the festivities to mark San Sebastian should be moved to the summer. Initially, I dismissed the idea thinking that it was like moving Christmas to August because the weather was nicer. However, we do live from tourism on this island (I know it is not politically correct to say it but it is the case) and probably the thousands of tourists that visit us during the summer months would welcome a whole load of free concerts, and a major firework display. San Sebastian could be marked with a token party on its official day in January but the main course could come over the summer. Can you imagine all the additional revenue which would be raised if every Saturday night throughout July and August you had bands playing in the city centre? Perhaps, the city council, as a result of all the additional revenue thanks to businesses having a larger turnover, could spend more and bring some top acts to the island, because I must say that the music line-up for San Sebastian this year was not great. But perhaps it wouldn't really matter, because a lovely summer's evening makes every band look better. And continuing with my San Sebastian ponderings, wouldn't it be a better idea if the firework display was accompanied by music, like they do in other-parts of the island. The display on Thursday night was certainly impressive but lasted 20 minutes and then it was thank you and good night and see you next year. If there had been some music, and even a laser show, highlighting the Cathedral and Bellver Castle I am sure that the people of Palma would have been more impressed. But I am afraid to say that our city council is not big on imagination at the moment, it seems to be struggling on getting the basics right, like ensuring that there are no out-of-date sweets during the Three King's Parade. A big effort would be nice next year.