By Jason Moore

WITH just three weeks to go before Spain's referendum on the European Constitution the country is going Europe-mad or rather the Spanish government is spending a small fortune on advertising campaigns to make us believe that everyone loves Europe. While I don't want to put a dampener on the party-like atmosphere, as a non-Spanish European Union citizen I would just like to take advantage of this “I Love Europe” campaign to state some of my complaints.

1). Could the Spanish government please clarify the situation on residence permits or residencias. We all know that we do need them and the process is relatively simple but it would be rather nice if a special office was set up (with some of the millions of euros which Brussels pours into Spain) solely for non-Spanish Europeans so that they can get their paper-work processed, quickly and effectively, without the need for long queues.

2). As we are all Europeans and we believe in Europe it would be rather nice if we were able to vote in Spain's referendum on the Constitution. Also, could we please vote in general elections too.

3). As we are all Europeans could the Spanish government also take a major interest in non-Spanish European Union pensioners who have lost many of their special benefits when they left their country of origin and are now having to live on their rather meagre pension. And before you say it, it's not very European if you tell them to return to their country of origin.

4). Could the Spanish government stop all their senseless campaigns on trying to get people to vote for the Constitution, like energy drinks and using Big Brother TV stars, and just have an honest debate on Europe and send all the money they save to the Far East and the victims of the Tsunami disaster?

5). Thank you very much indeed. This new vision of Europe is fantastic.