Dear Sir, AS a regular reader of the “on line” Daily Bulletin may I add my comments to the letter from Dr Mark Masters of Palma Nova.
I am a regular visitor to the island and always rent a car from the airport for the duration of my regular visits. I have held a UK licence for more than 40 years and driven in many European countries - therefore I believe I am qualified to make a comment about the standards of driving on the island.

As soon as I drive out of the airport car park I am always “on my guard” and drive very carefully - always feeling that the other driver has no concern for me (or anyone else). The first danger I experience is the right turn from the airport motorway on to the Via Cintura in the direction of Andratx.

At this point it is “every man for himself”. Outside lane drivers take great delight in cutting in to the smallest gap - usually creating problems for the unsuspecting driver in the vehicle being cut up.

Dr Masters has highlighted the two main problems but I would also mention that road signage on the island could be improved I notice that the motorways are getting large new signs which are helpful (if you have a knowledge of Spanish) but perhaps the signs could be clearer on A roads and minor roads.

Locals should remember - your island is a tourist paradise - and many drivers are visitors who maybe are not used to your roads or the way they drive.
Anything that can be done to improve driving standards would be worth while maybe through the pages of your and your sister papers! Best regards

John Harris, London