PRESIDENT Bush paid a surprise visit to Iraq en route to a meeting of the Asian-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) forum in Sydney, Australia, which was also attended by Chinese leaders and Russia's President Putin. Very tight security was imposed in the centre of Sydney, leading to protests from its citizens.

China denied reports tht its armed forces had made “cyberattacks” on American and British official computer networks. Beijing said the accusations were a reflection a “cold-war mentality”:
The US toy company Mattel made a third safety recall of 860'000 Chinese-made toys found to have “impermissible levels of lead”.
Jamaica's general election was narrowly won by the Jamaica Labour Party, ending the 18-year rule of the centre-left People's National Party.
In Iran, the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei appointed the pragmatic former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani as head of the influential Revolutionmary Guards movement, recently described as a terrorist organisation by the United States.

Bulletin Headlines of the Week l SUNDAY/MONDAY: Airport Record (More than 140'000 people had passed through Palma's Son Sant Joan airport on 1 September). l TUESDAY: 1'800 People Killed on Balearic Roads ( The figure was the total for the past 15 years). l WEDNESDAY: Cash Help To Stop Smoking (The Balearic government was thinking of offering cash to bars and restaurants to ban smoking). l THURSDAY: Majorca Film Competes For Top Award ( Four Last Songs, made on Majorca, was in contention for a major award at the San Sebastian Film Festival). l FRIDAY: Road Plan Millions For Balearics (The Spanish government had approved a 568 million euro package for Balearic roads). l SATURDAY: Police Now Focus On Madeleine's Parents (The Portuguese police had told Kate and Gerry McCann that they were “suspects” in the disappearance of their daughter).