Dear Sir, FOLLOWING yesterday's announcement of 20.7 million euro donation by the EU to the Balearic government (80 percent of which IT WAS STIPULATED was to be used for rubbish collection/recycling), might we now expect that the government's proposed 26 percent increase in tax due to hit the consumer next year will be scrapped? I somehow think not, but WHY NOT?

Yours Sincerely, M. Irving, Calvia
P.S. Mr. Musters' statement (Daily Bulletin Saturday, 30th September), that Son Reus recycles rubbish for free is incorrect. Son Reus, for services provided, bills individual town halls, and they in turn pass this on to the rate payer.

He also missed the main point of my letter - I do already use all relevant collection bins - my argument is with the sheer volume of rubbish I am being asked to dispose of by the supermarkets!