By Jason Moore It was unfortunate that the Balearic government chose this year for Rafa Nadal to promote the Balearics in France; just two days after the presentation the world number 1 was knocked out of the French Open. The TV advertisement featuring Nadal is now all over British television and also at obscure times, as Ian Morrison pointed out in his letter to the editor on Sunday. There is little substance to the advertisement and it doesn´t give a clear insight into what these islands are known for; beautiful beaches and a great climate. Also, the advertisement rather loses its appeal because Nadal is not allowed to speak; he has voice over. While I fully agree that there should be more promotion for the Balearics in Britain and Germany I will stress the fact that it has to be the right promotion. Ten years ago Majorca was always being featured on British television from Only Fools and Horses to GMTV. But sadly no longer. The local authorities should take action to ensure that this happens again. British TV crews should be invited across with the local government footing the bill. Why? because two minutes on BBC1 is far more important than scores of TV advertisement. It is not rocket science. There are ways of promoting the island without spending a fortune.