Dear Editor,

I must admire Humphrey Carter for always trying to put a good spin on the holiday market in Majorca. (I do not know where he gets his figures from. (EDITOR'S NOTE: they are the official figures). Easter was a disaster here, where I live it was dead. The apartments next door to me have been practically empty, for the first time this week two holiday families arrived. Their first response to me was how expensive it has got since last year.

My French friends arrived last week for the summer season, and they said how prices had risen about 25% to last year, (cheaper in Paris). My German friends think the same, it has become very expensive here. Because of this they do not stay as long. I was visiting England a month ago and stayed in the South usually expensive and found things were cheaper than they are here. Restaurants, pubs and supermarkets were making a great effort to reduce prices. Here they do not seem to be trying enough. The main thing is British people will not come until the pound is stronger. Flights have become more expensive from England, also petrol is on the up again. It does not take much to see why people are spending more when they come now, if spending was down last year and prices have shot up this year, people are going to spend more to get what they bought last year.

Yesterday I went to Cala Mondrago and passed through Porto Petro and saw a ‘Menu del Dia' for 7.50 euros: 3 courses including wine and water (it can be done). In sharp contrast when I arrived at Cala Mondrago, I looked at a beach bar menu and saw ‘calamares rings, chips and salad' priced at 20 euros, I could not believe it! (a world record)? I know these beach bars have a short season, to make what they can, to charge prices like this is ridiculous. I think restaurants, bars and supermarkets have got to make more effort to attract more customers.

A. Caffyn, Santa Ponsa