DEAR SIR, The Majorca Daily Bulletin is blessed with many gifted writers who contribute to this “Letters to the Editor” section. Many of these letters simply beg a response or even just an opinion, maybe from the Editor or legal representative in some cases.

For example the recent case of the elderly lady who was charged €18 to change £100 although a “No Commission” sign was clearly displayed. Is this legal in Spain or was the lady effectively “mugged” and action against the rogue trader needs to be taken to stamp out those businesses that are ruining the reputation of Majorca. Such practices are only exaggerating the currency exchange imbalance between the Pound and the Euro and ultimately – the number of future visitors from the UK.

I frequent a bar in Palmanova next-door to a currency exchange shop with the same modus operandi as the example given above. The currency exchange shop has been in business for many years. The arguments and distress that I have witnessed over the years from such a deception is quite distressing to me, especially where the elderly or disabled are involved. I can remember not so long ago, when the Pound was at its lowest (1.03), they were giving just 86 cents to the Pound sterling! The tour operators should be advising their clients to ask the question “How many Euros will I get IN MY HAND for 100 Pounds”. If the answer does not equal the rate on the board – WALK AWAY! Would a “name and shame” policy by the Daily Bulletin be effective? I believe so, especially if translations were published in the Spanish and German sister papers. Many of the issues raised by this English edition would surely be of interest to those communities and visa-versa.

Denise Masters