Dear Sir,

Any of your readers who read the Spanish press will have seen that the Catalan Government have introduced a law which obliges film producers to dub into Catalan at least 50 percent of all foreign films that have been dubbed or subtitled into Spanish. Knowing the local government and their willingness to do whatever their cousins overseas do (stupid or not) it won´t be long before they try and introduce the same legislation. This is actually good news for us film goers as the producers, mainly American, have put their foot down and from now on will only screen films in the original language i.e. English, which bypasses the law. This means that anyone in Catalonia who wants to see a blockbuster in Spanish will have to go to Zaragoza or at least outside Catalonia. Reminds me of the time when in Franco´s day, anyone who wanted to see a “saucy” film had to go to Perpignan. Is this country going backwards or is it a case of divided we fall?

Yours faithfully
Simon Tow