By Jason Moore

THE Balearic government is upbeat and so are the tour operators who claim that summer 2011 will be a good season for Majorca with more British tourists heading to our shores. But the big problem is that no-one is convinced and I would say that it is far too early to make upbeat assessments. I am sceptical to say the least. The British government´s major spending cuts are going to come into force in the New Year and the rate of Valued Added tax rises to 20 percent. There is still a danger that Britain could fall back into recession. Despite the euro experiencing its biggest crisis to date it has still not fallen dramatically in value against the pound.

I still believe that until the pound recovers against the euro there will be no significant increase in British tourists coming to the island. A decade ago and the majority of people would book their summer holidays in January but now many wait until the last minute to cash-in on the latest special offers.

I sincerely hope that summer 2011 will be really great for Majorca and British tourists will start returning in large numbers. But at the moment it is just a question of wait and see. And it is not just a question of numbers. What we need is tourists who have money to spend also.