IN reply to Jason Moore's article of the 27th. Probably knowing the XYZs of logistics better than most, putting the finger on why Majorca has become less value for money is quite clear.

Complacency, an island that has only seen boom over the years, Starting with the invasion of the package tourist, the introduction of the Euro wherebye all the European currency's were quickly cashed in for property, along with redundancy money, the sales of UK homes Investment from Europe has let Majorca absorb cash like a sponge.

Majorca which did have local industry when I first came here thirty odd years ago, be it Leather, Glassware along with a myriad of other trades just then became complacent, letting the Island basically die and then relying on almost everything from the Mainland
Now with every 100 cars heading into Palma on a weekday, I would say 90% of the occupants are dealing with bureaucracy, very few are creating business Whilst in the past the “Locals” be they British, German and of course the Majorcans waited for the next victim to get of the plane with their fist full of dollars, today we all know the recession has truly kicked in and Clint Eastwood has now left town, But a certain market has been smiling to themselves, the ferries, now I could write a book on ferries around Europe, but let's just say, we are all being shafted! Pure Basics required here in Majorca are almost 100% reliant on the ferries, and their charges are exorbitant. Ask yourself, why is a kilo of oranges from Seville more expensive in Majorca than they are in the UK ! “Ferries” An efficient Freight Only Service is required Roll on Roll Of Service, that will speed loading and unloading, that will give a little bit more time at sea, cut the ships speed back a bit, save on fuel, I have noted one company that has already cut back on speed, gets in Port about an hour behind its competitor, Majorca has to start looking after itself, it needs to look after its number 1 Industry, tourism, now with the majority arriving by air, you still need to feed them! Now, it's not rocket science, this all inclusive market, which the majority of tourists will be on, the food you are going to feed them with being more expensive, which then means the Hotels give a poorer choice and quality. It's basic Maths
Hence the “bread and butter” Tourist leaves with a bad stomach and memories ! Some may say that Majorca does not want to return to commercial tourism, well let those who think that have a good look at Menorca! My answer is, get the ferries regulated, Majorcan government smell the coffee! This island needs competitiveness not complacency.

Billy Whizz