By Jason Moore

FOR years now there have been claims that one of the reasons why England, as a nation, fail on the soccer pitch is because children are not encouraged to play sport anymore. Also, there was the claim that in England and in Britain as a whole, there were no facilities.

To some extent I used to agree with this school of thought, but the only sport where England fail to achieve these days is in soccer!

This month an English team retained the Ashes in Australia, British swimmers and athletes are tipped to win a large number of medals at next year´s London Olympics, the list goes on. But when it comes to football you can´t even count the successes on one hand. I have never seen an England soccer team win anything, I was born after the 1966 World Cup success. So just what is wrong with the national game in England? I would say that club comes before country in England. It is not a question of too many foreign players or even the fact that the England team is managed by a foreigner. The players need to put in the same effort as they do for their club for their country. Until this happens I can´t see England winning any major trophy at football. Meanwhile, the other sports will continue to prosper and bring sporting success for the country.