Dear Sir, I may be getting on a bit but I am more up to date than Traffic Light. On Saturday 18 June it gives a red light to male politicians of all parties for not wearing ties at official functions. This is so non-PC.

It reputedly started with Eva Duarte (Evita) just after WWII when her husband Colonel Juan Peron was running for president of Argentina and trying to attract the working class vote. During a speech from the balcony of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires she scolded him to take off his jacket and roll up his sleeves – not to look so upper class. It worked, he was elected.

We have developed variations of dressing down for the hoi polloi with ties removed or just loosened with or without the top button option. Coloured braces have been and gone. Just this year we still see new combinations.

The triumvirate of PM Cameron, Deputy PM Clegg and Health Secretary Lansley were photographed trying to persuade us the NHS is safe in their hands by going jacketless, sleeves roughly rolled up BUT with their tie tucked into their shirt front. That will clinch it for sure.

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