by Ray Fleming

Perhaps they aren't much interested in the London Olympics in Scotland but this week appeared to be an odd time to launch the Better Together campaign in opposition to those who will call for independence in the forthcoming referendum on Scotland's constitutional future.

With the overkill of Olympic news It seemed to be one of those weeks beloved of press officers and PR consultants having some bad news to release. Still, some interesting points emerged from an interview given by Alistair Darling who is heading the Better Together campaign to keep Scotland's exiting relationship with the rest of the United Kingdom. Firstly, he wants the expected referendum on the matter to be held in late-2013 -- a considerable advance on David Cameron's liking for 2014 and the strong preference of Alex Salmond, Scotland's First Minister, for 2015. Mr Darling, Gordon Brown's Chancellor of the Exchequer during some very tough times, seems a good choice to oppose Alex Salmond who was named last year by The Times as Britain's most effective politician. Darling's quiet style and carefully considered opinions may appeal to the sensible middle-of-the-road Scotsman and woman who dislike change on principle more than Mr Salmond's flamboyant style that is probably more suited to elections. Although the campaign contestants are now named neither the date for the referendum nor the question to be asked has been determined.