By Humphrey Carter

Everybody, the leading UK tour operators included, knows that the Balearic Ministry for Tourism has no money, what the tour operators had not expected was that the new Minister, Carlos Delgado, would have no manners or any real interest in his position.With airlines prepared to take a gamble on operating more flights between the UK and Palma this winter, they might expect a thank you letter, but it does not appear to be happening.

A managing director of one of the UK's leading tour operators told me last week that that all communication with the Balearic Ministry for Tourism has totally broken down this year. “It's not all about money, we need to maintain a positive working relationship through the good and bad times, the money will come,” he said.
But no. The British travel industry is under the impression that the Balearic Ministry for Tourism has given up on this year, thrown in the towel and is just going to sit back and hope the private investment comes rolling in along with the foreign holiday makers.

He might be lucky, the hoteliers, boosted by the new Tourism Law which is heavily loaded in their favour, appear relatively happy, but what about the winter season and even next year.

I guess yes, this summer can now be forgotten about, it is up and running. The focus should now be on next season. But, from what I'm being told is that there has been a complete breakdown in communication.