by Jason Moore

After doing a certain amount of digging and following the hundreds of letters we have received on the topic I may be able to shed some light on the issue of holiday rentals. Unfortunately, it is not really good news. To rent out your holiday home on a weekly basis you almost need the same paperwork as a hotel! You must have a tourist licence, a proper rental contract, your home has to be inspected first and if everything is in order then you can prepare for your first guests! I stress this is for weekly rents on a large scale. So really it is almost an impossible state of affairs. Now, local hoteliers say that they do not have a problem with private apartment rentals they just want the practice to be carried out legally with the necessary taxes paid. “If you are getting one thousand euros a month then 300 should be paid in tax,” said one local hotelier yesterday. She said that they are aware that thousands of people of all nationalities rented out their homes during the summer months and they wanted the local ministry for tourism to crackdown on them. There may be some good news on the horizon. The new tourist law which has recently been unveiled by the local ministry for tourism could make it easier for holiday rentals. But I have heard that rather than crackingdown on the owners of these apartments they will go directly to the websites where these allegedly illegal holiday rentals are advertised. What a nightmare scenario.