by Jason Moore

It has been one of those weeks where I just love the noble profession of journalism. I went to work last Monday thinking it would be a boring “silly season” week with no news and little happening. How wrong could I have been! On Tuesday Prime Minister David Cameron arrives and on the same day it is announce two Royal Navy warships will be visiting Soller for the first time. Now, when the Prime Minister is in town you certainly have to raise your game, because there are few people who can honestly say they are not interested in the most powerful political figure in Britain. His arrival was also good news for Majorca, giving it invaluable promotion across the globe. So it has certainly been a week in Majorca which clearly underlines the fact that this island is so popular it is never far from the headlines or the people who make them. But the feel-good-story of the week is the Royal Navy in Soller, a high point for the Soller-born British naval attache Commodore Frederick Pryce.