What Mr. Fleming has over looked , intentionally or unintentionally is (Viewpoint, Saturday) that this is nothing to do with Wikileaks. It is Britain's legal obligation to extradite Mr. Assange to Sweden to answer charges of sexual assault.

He has been in the UK a long time on bail,he has now skipped bail, for this he should be arrested or are we to allow foreign countries to dictate to us what law we may implement?

While in the UK he and his friends have tried to keep him in Britain and not be extradited to Sweden.
Even with all the money and power at his disposal the LAW has decreed that he must be RETURNED to Sweden. If it were you or I who had been accused of an offence,we would not have the money, influential friends or the power to fight the case.

John Kirby
A frequent visitor to Can Picafort.
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