by Jason Moore

There is a certain buzz around Soller at the moment as it welcomes both warships and cruise ships. The Royal Navy sailed into the naval base on Saturday just weeks after the visit by a luxury American cruise liner. The Mayor, Carlos Simarro, was saying that this could herald a new era. Now, it is unclear when HMS Middleton and HMS Pembroke leave this morning, whether Royal Navy ships will ever return, preferring the bright lights of Palma, but the welcome has certainly been warm. A new five star hotel in the area, is obviously helping as well. The new Soller promenade is first rate. It was packed with people on Saturday night, giving the whole area a buzz. Infact, the taxi drivers were unable to keep up with demand. Is Soller enjoying a revival? Well I think so. It is good news that cruise ships have started to visit other parts of the island apart from just Palma. The new terminal in Alcudia is also attracting big cruise vessels as well. I think it is so sad that the local authorities are not helping areas like Soller and Alcudia with money for promotion campaigns. Both destinations have plenty to offer and the local authorities should ensure that the word is spread across Europe. When the local tourist industry is continuing to struggle, it is nice to see that resorts across the island are prospering. Majorca is not all about Palma. Our capital is a great place but there are other areas which are certainly worth visiting at last.