by Ray Fleming

9 /11 draws close and although there will not be commemorations on the scale of last year's tenth anniversary one planned event seems likely to cause an unusual dispute between the two sides in the coming presidential election.

The book publishers Penguin have set 11 September as the US launch date for No Easy Day: The Firsthand Account of the Mission That Killed Osama bin Laden. The author is Mark Owen, a pseudonym for a former member of the Seal Team 6 which carried out the killing mission who has now left the Navy.

No Easy Day will almost certainly be an instant best seller in the weeks leading up to November 6 when America votes for its 57th President.
The impression gained by most Americans at the time of the Seal Team 6 action was that President Obama played a key role in supporting the effort to locate bin Laden and personally made the decision that the raid should take place.

Will the book bear out this version of events? The Republican party fears that it will and is questioning whether its content and timing have been improperly influenced by the White House; there is a possibility that alternative versions less favourable to the President will appear in one form or another. For the moment, though, the killing of bin Laden remains a signature achievement of Obama's presidency.