by Jason Moore

A young army officer heads to Las Vegas to have a thoroughly good time before he is sent on his second tour of Afghanistan. Under normal circumstances no-one would have batted an eye-lid, infact they would have wished him a thoroughly good time. Unfortunately the officer in question is Prince Harry and he is not allowed to misbehave in “Sin City.” He must set an example eventhough soon he will be serving in one of the toughest parts of the world where hundreds of British troops have been killed and he will probably be one of the Taliban´s top targets. I don´t think anyone, apart from a few diehard Republicans will object to the Prince´s antics and Fleet Street (apart from the Sun) were right not to publish the naked photographs which were so widely available on the internet. It was an invasion of privacy and put the young Prince under even greater pressure at a time when he is trying to combine his royal duties with his army career. Even Rupert Murdoch, owner of the Sun, has called for the Prince to be given a break. Obviously, that statement was made after the photographs were published and before royal lawyers decided on their course of action following the publication of the photographs in the Murdoch tabloid! This week marks the 15 anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. It is a shame that her younger son is still being subject to the same media storm which she faced. This unfortunately is still the case.