by Jason Moore

I have always been amazed that Heathrow is one of Europe´s busiest airports. It is a nightmare airport and looks as if it is in need of additional funding. I would say that most British airports fall into this category. They can´t hold a candle to Palma or Barcelona airports which are new and modern. And then there is British public transport. Old-fashioned trains which are dirty and fares which are designed for millionaires. Selling off British airports and train services has not worked, it has been a miserable failure. The British coalition government is under pressure to give the green light to a third runway at Heathrow airport. I can´t understand why it is even an issue. Of course, Britain´s premier airport needs another runway and it also needs additional funding. And surely some of the money from the enormous rail fares should be ploughed back into the railway network to bring it up to a standard which Spaniards take for granted. Spain has a high-speed train network across the country, Britain doesn´t. Why? If the British government wants to get Britain moving again it should provide a transport plan for the future. High-speed trains and new runways should be at the top of the list. London Mayor Boris Johnson told Prime Minister David Cameron that the government should spend on infrastructure and cut taxes. Perhaps he is not wrong. Cameron must see the light and spend on transport because the rest of the world is in a different lane.