May I begin by saying that I have not read the new Tourism Law, and that my understanding of parts of it are only what I have gleaned from the MDB.
It appears that there is to be no change to the illegality of letting private residential accommodation for holidays, that there is to be an increased “witch hunt” for those who do so, and that they are attracting the wrong sort of holidaymaker to the island.

If my understanding of this is correct, then the sycophantic hypocrisy of the letter sent to Mr. Cameron by the Majorcan Tourist Board leaves me speechless. It would appear that, as he stayed in private residential accommodation, Mr. Cameron and his family may fall into the aforementioned “undesirable” bracket. The fact that this was so blatantly ignored in the letter is on a parallel with the annual crowing about the number of passengers travelling to the island on budget airlines, and indeed the record number of budget airline flights into the island.

The fact that the majority of passengers on these flights will not be staying in the oh so desirable all -inclusive package holiday hotels, but in the rogue private accommodation, is always conveniently ignored as well.

There are regular letters to this newspaper regarding this ridiculous outdated law relating to the letting of private holiday accommodation, all of which make the same valid points regarding the “spend” of this type of holidaymaker, and that if this type of accommodation was not available to them, they would simply take their Euros to another sun, sea, and sand destination, of which there are many similar, and where they and their money would be welcomed with open arms.

Mr. Lance's letter on Tuesday also makes the extremely important point about the effect on the already disastrous property market of hotels being redeveloped into apartments for sale.

In view of the volume of correspondence on this subject, there is a loud voice that needs to be heard, which sees things from another highly pertinent viewpoint than just the hoteliers, and letters in English to an English-language newspaper, read in the main by British people is really preaching to the converted.

These letters need to be translated into Spanish and published in the Spanish newspapers.
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