With deep regret it's Adios Magalluf/Palma Nova.
After several years as a beach front line apartment owner, I have recently sold up and I am shipping out.
I leave behind many friends, bar/restaurant/shop owners, managers, workers and alike! Why am I leaving them behind, simple, I speak for all my family my, friends our neighbouring apt owners and their families and friends, many holiday makers using the local hotels, thousands of people who won't return to Magalluf/Palma Nova due to the gauntlet of prostitutes we all have to run to get to bars or back to our apt/hotel's etc.

The are like a pack of locusts who, as we all know, also ‘Mug' the lonely & ‘vulnerable'.
Yes thousands, I am not exaggerating, can you imagine the stories people are taking back to their homeland telling their friends neighbours, work colleagues and alike of the misery and frightening experiences they have had or seen or heard of first hand.

Sincere thanks to all the hard working people of Magalluf/Palma Nova, we had a great few years of enjoyment and happiness, sadly not anymore.
The Voice of the People