by Humphrey Carter

The Balearic government has been accused of “mistreating” the general public by the heavy handed way it has been dealing with the regional health service. Having spent months watching the pressure mount on the excellent medical staff and doctors at Son Espases, and I know the same goes for Son Llatzer, I would also accuse the government is mistreating the island's medical staff and it is now paying the price for its belligerence. The Spanish have a popular saying: “Well, as long as you've got your health. That's the most important thing.” It doesn't appear that the Balearic government thinks that way hence why another Minister for Health has gone, shortly followed by his Director General.

The opposition and medical unions have such little faith in the government's health policies, that they are calling for the ministry to be merged with another department, finance for example, and say that there is no need to appoint another Minister for Health.

The Balearic President, Jose Ramon Bauza, has said that he will name a replacement before unveiling the harsh budget for 2013, but will not be rushed.
So, now the budget has been postponed while he hunts for a new Minister as the Balearics lunges from one crisis to another.
Just scrap the position, merge the two departments, save some money, roll out the budget and let's get on with addressing the important issues otherwise Bauza's political wound could turn septic.