Perhaps if Mr Fleming was living in the UK he might understand why Labour is calling for a cut in the UK's E.E.C. payments at a time when cuts are being made to our armed forces, Police, N.H.S. Social Security payments and benefits, cuts in council services et al.

A time when people are losing their jobs on a daily basis, where people are faced with ever increasing food prices, where gas and electricity prices have just risen by 10% but where most peoples salaries are frozen then perhaps Mr Fleming just might understand when savage cuts are being made here, why people believe that we should be cutting our funding to the E.E.C budget.

If a referendum was to be held now on our E.E.C. membership, it is more than likely that the majority would vote to leave the E.E.C. that is seen as a sinking ship by many here. Come to England, Mr Fleming then you would understand why there is a call for a cut in the UK's E.E.C. contribution.

Yours sincerely, Sean Dobson
Bury Lancashire (ex-Santa Ponsa)