by Humphrey Carter

O VER the past two weeks, I have been contacted by two British families residents in Majorca and Minorca who have both bought a second hand car from a reputable dealer only to eventually discover the mileometers or kilometres had been tampered with significantly, put back thousands of kilometres.

Here in Majorca, the fact that the clock had been put back was noticed by the official dealership for the make of car in Palma when the owners took the car in for the first service since buying it. On returning to collect the car, the mechanics pointed out that, according to their data about the vehicle's history, it had covered far more kilometres than its clock was showing.

The owners took the vehicle back to the dealership which sold them the vehicle, challenged the salesman who eventually, shrugged and gave them a full refund.

Since then, the same has happened to a couple in Minorca and what is interesting is that the vehicle came from Majorca making one wonder if these vehicles are the products of some organised criminal activity.

So, if you are thinking about buying a second hand car, check everything.
I have not heard of clocks being put back since my late teens in the UK when it was common practice by your local ‘Arthur Daley', not recognised dealerships.