by Humphrey Carter

At last, after decades of trying to get through to the various administrations who have come and gone over the years, the Balearic nautical industry is to get the recognition and aid it deserves - much more than just a boat show which the industry has never been too excited about.

Now, according to the government yesterday, the nautical industry is going to be given top billing because of the enormous impact it has on the local economy and employment.

Palma boasts one of the best boat yards in Spain, if not Europe, with some of the very best professionals in the industry based on the island and it is always full.

But, over the past few years, some of the top companies, because of the lack of support from the authorities, have decided to relocate to the mainland or elsewhere in Europe, such as those where taxes etc. are waived or reduced for new nautical businesses.

Yesterday's announcement can only be good news for an industry which is worth billions and, at the top end, recession resilient.
However, the matriculation tax is still in place and until that is scrapped, it will never be full steam ahead for the Balearics and Spanish nautical sectors.

That said, the government's proclamation yesterday is encouraging and suggests someone is thinking and has finally seen sense on releasing the shackles from the nautical sector.