by Humphrey Carter

I know it is the taking part that counts, especially if it is for charity but I have to admit that, while they may be taking part with all the best intentions in the world, some of the Movember victims really should have thought twice.

For those unaware as to why thousands of men around the world have suddenly grown facial hair, it is to raise vital funds and awareness for men's health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

A very worthy cause indeed and I fully support the campaign - and I guess I have been a permanent, although more of the stubble type, supporter for nearly two decades.

But over the past days on TV and amongst the local expatriate community (I am not going to out any Bulletin columnists) I have spotted some rather alarming and startling so called Mo Bros.

Take Sky News, Errol Flynn is now fronting the business desk while on the football pitch, Michael Owen has gone for the full monty and it has a mixture of earthy brown tones.

I am surprised his wife has not made a comment, although having seen them on Celebrity Mr and Mrs a few months back, they don't seem to know much about each other.

Perhaps he is trying to really look like a fox in the box, when and if he gets a game! Any way, I hope I have not offended any Mo Bros, that was not my intention. In fact, well done for having no shame.