You are to be applauded for your Leader Article in yesterday's Majorca Daily Bulletin.
For the 50'000 UK residents living here for more than 15 years, we already have no choice in the UK. Now we do not have a Consul here to deal with directly, on the spot. As for the millions of tourists who come here annually, they will feel equally abandoned.

It was disingenuous to inform us that economic reasons played no part in the decision and more so when we were informed the Consular services would be improved.

Mr Cameron's economic war is already producing the lies associated with ‘wars'. He would be persuaded to make one more U-turn - it seems to be in the nature of the present Coalition Government. It could improve his standing with us, especially if it was combined with the abolition of the 15-year rule - demonstrable then with votes for him come 2015.

Yours faithfully
Gay Niblett