By Jason Moore

A few weeks ago I wrote in this space that the right of centre Partido Popular of Jose Ramon Bauza would win the next local elections as long as he could settle the internal differences in his own party. Last week a crack appeared in the Partido Popular after former minister and Mayor of Sa Pobla, Jaume Font, resigned and created his own party.

He claimed that the Partido Popular were leaning too far to the right. Font has his support especially in his home town of Sa Pobla. Many have already said there that they will vote for him whatever party he stands for. It is widely rumoured that Font and his new party will join forces with the Majorcan Unionists ahead of the local elections. Bauza brought together the majority of the Partido Popular's mayors over the weekend in an effort to put a line under the problem and move on. But we will have to wait and see what effect Font´s move is going to have on the Partido Popular´s fortunes. Losing one former minister could be regarded as an accident losing a second or even a third could be a disaster. Bauza needs to keep his troops inline and present a united front otherwise he will gift victory to the socialists and their coalition at the next local elections. The poll is there for the taking, but can he take it?