THIS week will see if criminals and prisoners in England get the right to vote or not.
Here, in Spain, inmates of the prison in Palma enjoy the vote, while we Europeans who live here legally as European citizens, are prohibited from voting. Spain treats us worse than criminals locked up in her prisons.

Even long suffering Egyptians will enjoy democracy and political rights to representation before we disenfranchised Europeans, legally resident in a fellow EU state, get our own voting rights.

Never let anyone tell you that Spain is a democracy. One million European residents are mere second-class citizens, tolerated for our taxes.
So. Let's start a boycott of the May 22 election farce. We don't want the crumbs.
We want equal rights too. lets draw attention to our treatment as worse than criminals.
If Egypt and Tunisia are Facebook revolutions, we Europeans can use Facebook to demand democracy in Spain also ?
Start by reading thisletter and putting it on your Facebook wall. Viva la revolution!!

Kind regards
Dr. Garry Bonsall