By Jason Moore

I find it quite amazing and rather sad; Majorca has a first rate football team but you can count their supporters almost on a single hand. Barely 11'000 people watched Mallorca´s last home match, an absolute disgrace when you consider that the island has a population of one million, half of whom live in Palma. Earlier this month I received a call from Mallorca asking whether Britons living on Majorca would support the club and come to the ground. I replied that I thought so.

Mallorca have some difficult matches ahead against both Real Madrid and Barcelona and they need all the support they can get. So, now is your chance to support your local club. Real Mallorca are even offering our readers incentives to become season ticket holders. Mallorca need all the help they can get. The club is still suffering some major financial problems and obviously the small number of people who venture to the Ono Stadium to watch the games is also causing concern. This is the club´s hour of need and it is time for some action. Also, at the same time you can see some of the best football teams in the country in action. Mallorca needs you and the time has come for action. La Liga is probably the best league in the world so where are the fans.